Do's & Dont's

Please be aware of the below Do’s & Dont’s while hiring cabs with us to avoid any kind of last minute discussions and arguments.

Driver Food & Stay

Although we dont ask our Customer’s to pay for our Drivers Food & Stay, but at least ensure they are given enough time to take care of themselves. Drivers should get access to basic amenities like washroom etc, when you stay at Hotels/Resorts/HomeStays or atleast give them time to find out themselves. Driver spending time for his food, filling fuel for the cab etc are part of the trip and not considered separately.

Note: From our past experiences, we seriously feel bad that customers raise concern on driver stopping for food etc. Please be informed they by earning 300/- batta per day for 6am to 10pm duty they cant afford to have food where you can eat, so they will find some viable places and may stop for 20-30 mins for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner break’s.

Communication with Driver's

Keep the Driver’s informed about your day to day travel plan or itenerary while you are on outstation trip and accordingly driver’s will be prepared and take you places. Since we are into out-and-out tourist segment, most of our drivers are carrying minimum 2 years of travel experience and customers are suggested to take their suggestions regarding the roads to travel, places to visit etc rather than browsing google or asking somebody else around.

There can be chances of “No Network” or “No Signal” while you are on trip in few low network coverage areas/cities and in such cases if the Driver number is not reachable or not getting connected due to network issues, calling Hire Innova Office will not help you in anyway.

We suggest our customer’s to have a clear understanding with our drivers on “where to park” or “where to pick” etc to avoid any such communication issues.

Cab Breakdown

In case of vehicle breakdown or any such unfortunate incident happens, customer’s are allowed to close the trip till that period and can look out at their own arrangements.

If the time and distance permits, we will able to provide a cab replacement too. However, this is based on case to case basis and depending on present situations

Give Respect - Take Respect

When you hire or rent a cab with us, we provide it WITH DRIVERS only. Hence, request our customer’s to BE GOOD to our driver’s and to GET TREATED GOOD by them. Please don’t treat the driver’s that bad, that they get humiliated and behave odd in return.

Helping you loading or unloading your luggage or helping you open and close the cab doors when you boarding and getting down from the cab etc are purely driver’s interest. There is no rule to force him to do so, as we provide driver’s “only to drive the cab” and help you take places

Audio & Video Usage

We are the most happy people to ensure our users enjoy music or watch movies in all our Audio/Video equipped cabs. However, playing Loud Music or Movies is not allowed in our Cabs.

Cab Interiors

Please keep the cab interiors clean. Don’t leave any food waste inside the car or in seat pockets or in Door pockets. Most of the cases, our drivers do sleep in cars itself in night times, so it creates discomfort for them to sleep in car

Kid's in Cabs

We are human beings and every one of us love Kids. But customer’s are requested to keep their Kids in control by not spoiling the interiors/exteriors of the cab or by not disturbign the driver while driving. Any such found, the damage charges need to be borne by the Customer him/herself

No Self-Drive

No Self-Driving allowed, as ours are Yellow Plate vehicles and strictly Driver Driven Cabs only

No illegal things

Carrying illegal weapons or drugs or any such things against the Govt rules are strictly not allowed in our cabs.

Without our notice if anything such happened, it is entirely customer responsibility and Hire Innova Cabs crew is not liable for any such actions taken by the concerned department or team

No Smoking

We don’t allow Smoking in our Cabs

No Liquor

We don’t allow Liquor Drinking or Carrying in our Cabs. Liquor carried by hiding in luggage bags will be user responsibility for any such consequences to be faced

Driving Speed

Rash driving and Rushing is not allowed in our Cabs. Customers are requested “Not to force our driver’s to drive beyond limited speed as max speed limit of our cabs are 90-100 kms only per hour”

Restricted Area's

Our Cabs not permitted to enter Forest or Defence or Trekking etc areas those are strictly prohibited by Govt or Pvt bodies. In case of any restrictions by local people or police or Govt or Private bodies – in Parking or moving the Cabs to customer desired places or locations, it is advised to agree with our drivers decision and customer’s are requested to co-operate

AC Usage

AC will be turned OFF while driving on Ghat sections and where ever if needed as suggested by our driver’s. AC to be used only while the Cab is running and if AC is needed while cab is parked additional charges will be applicable for such usage